Scan the QR Code
on the table


Open the link to begin
ordering from the app


Click the order button
after selecting your dish


Your food will be
delivered shortly


Most frequent questions and answer

Yes, rather than ordering from the app, you will need to go to the cashier and place your order. Payment will have to be made there too. Remember to present your membership ID to redeem the points.

Our stores accept vouchers. If you wish to make payment through a voucher, please go to the cashier to place the order and make payment.

Only the QR code on the table at the restaurant allows access to the app. 

Our app is not available in the app store yet. You can only access it by scanning the QR code on the table in our restaurants.

Orders placed through the app will automatically be credited with points. However, those who make a purchase through the cashier will have to present their membership ID to redeem their points.

Previously registered users can log in using the same email address as before. The points accumulated will be transferred over.

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